Rob Robinett, AI6VN. "WsprDaemon: A low cost, high performance, all band WSPR decoding system". ARRL / TAPR Digital Communications Conference, Detroit, 2019.


a robust  decoding and reporting system for  WSPR

Rob Robinett, AI6VN. Presenting "Estimating LF-HF band noise while acquiring WSPR spots" on behalf of co-authors Gwyn Griffiths G3ZIL and Glenn Elmore N6GN. ARRL / TAPR Digital Communications Conference, Detroit, 2019.

Scroll to 48min23sec for Rob's presentation within the HamSCi session.

Rob Robinett, AI6VN. "Introduction to the KiwiSDR and Bodnar GPSDO". HamSci Workshop, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 2019.


Gwyn Griffiths, G3ZIL, Rob Robinett, AI6VN, Glenn Elmore N6GN et al. "Patterns in received noise: Methods, Observations and Questions". HamSci Web Workshop, University of Scranton, Pa., 2020.


Gwyn Griffiths, G3ZIL and Rob Robinett, AI6VN, "Aids to the presentation and analysis of WSPR spots: TimescaleDB database and Grafana". ARRL / TAPR Virtual Digital Communications Conference, 2020.  Click here for pdf files of the slides and the speaking notes.

Scroll to 59min40sec for Gwyn's presentation within the ARRL/TAPR DCC Saturday presentations video.